The Artist: Caroline Walls


If I were to show you any creative project of mine, you’d notice they are all intricate, finely painted and realistic. It's safe to say that my artistic attention to detail that has become something of a defining trait. But, I’ll admit, there’s just something about bold, geometric art that I’m utterly obsessed with. Case in point, Australian artist Caroline Walls, whose graphic designs painted in a limited colour palette of neutrals and navy, is distinguishably Caroline.

Detail is replaced with block colours, which are shaped by soft, curved lines to represent the female form, and so, in its simplicity, these works are incredibly empowering. 

And whilst I doubt there will be any immediate change to my meticulous creative self, it’s art like this, and artists like Caroline, who make me want to paint outside of my comfort zone… that, or I'll just take one of everything for the home.  

Words by Karina Camenzind

Images Via Caroline Walls