Monday Mood: Stahl House


No one famous ever lived here...

There is a good chance you have heard of Stahl House before, or perhaps you recognise the view? This is one of LA's iconic mid century houses -  the creative vision of owner and graphic designer Buck Stahl and architect Pierre Koenig. Perhaps what is most special about this stunning home (apart from the incredible view and unique design) is that it has stayed in the Stahl family since it was built in 1959. Thus the quote from Buck: “We were a blue collar family living in a white collar house,” he said. “Nobody famous ever lived here.”

While we were in town, we had the chance to experience a tour inside the incredible property. The family keep it very well maintained, and while no one lives here currently, it's outfitted in the style of the times, and set up as their childhood  home would have been. Our guide was a wealth of knowledge about mid century architecture, and getting to learn about the process behind this home was an incredible experience. If you happen to be travelling to LA anytime soon, I highly recommend booking a tour. Rohan and I really want to go back for an evening viewing next time we're visiting. That view is truly spectacular...


Images via Cereal Magazine
You can book a tour of the home here.