Let's Talk About Cleansing...


I'm a big believer that beauty starts from within, but clear, glowing skin is definitely also a big plus! Whenever I get back from a big trip, and often a long haul flight, my skin always needs a little R&R. That's why I was looking forward to giving Dermalogica's latest release, PreCleanse Balm, a spin - their Special Cleansing Gel and Skin Smoothing Cream are already staples in my everyday routine, so I was keen to see what their latest offering would do for my skin.

The concept behind pre-cleansing (or step zero in your routine) is attracting dirt, oils and impurities away from the skin, and this oil-based balm formula does exactly that. It clings to all the surface impurities, and allows them to be washed away, meaning your step one (your regular cleanser) gets the chance to work twice as hard, for a thorough and deep clean. The verdict? A clear and fresh complexion which is completely free of makeup and excess oils, and ready to actively absorb your moisturiser. Now that I have given it a test drive, I'll definitely be incorporating double cleansing into my skincare regime, I love feeling that my skin is super clean (but not stripped!), and the applicator mit gives skin an extra plumping massage during the cleansing process.

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Photos by Rohan Peterson