Monday Mood: The Brass Cube

A shimmering brass box is the design hero of this Stockholm apartment, designed by the luxurious Scandinavian architecture firm, Claesson Koivisto Rune. 

For businesswoman Ursula and her husband, their unique L shaped home located near Humlegarden park, needed to be ‘ruhig’, meaning quiet, still and serene. This is with no doubt achieved, as the soft creamy walls and light wooden floorboards radiate a cosy sanctuary, and combined with its high ceilings and minimal furnishings, achieves the desire for openness. 

What I admire the most is how the apartment effortlessly unites the function of a space with a craving for design and contemporary art.  

Whether it’s hanging two chairs from the ceiling (that look like giant sunglasses) to shield you from the morning sun, or the addition of painted steel in the top corner of the room that gives an illusion of a peeling wall (because why not), my favourite has to be the square brass cabinet in the kitchen that doubles as a brilliant piece of art and as a work-space and storage unit. Talk about design envy. 

Words by Karina Camenzind
Photos via T Magazine