A Weekend Away With Mazda


Last weekend, Rohan and I packed our bags and headed North for a little weekend away. We have friends and family on the North side of Sydney, and there are so many beautiful beaches which are lovely to visit even on a crisp Winter's day. Our only problem has been that up until recently, we didn't have a car, making weekend road trips a long time fantasy of mine.  Luckily for us, for the past two months, I have been driving around in the Mazda CX-3, and it's not stretch to say this car has changed my life (definitely for the better!). Being able to up and go at a moment's notice, and having a host of handy supplies (umbrella, hat, picnic blanket etc.) in the boot means I'm prepared for any situation, and it made heading to Pilu (where we got married three years ago) for breakfast completely achievable.
Having wheels is one thing, but the features of the Mazda CX-3 make it perfect for a relatively new driver like myself. I'm still learning my way around Sydney's roads, so the satellite navigation system has become one of the most-used features, along with the reverse camera which helps me get into those typically tight Eastern Suburbs parking spots.

When we saw the clear and sunny forecast for last weekend, we decided to plan quite a last minute trip. First up we headed to the Pilu kiosk for brunch at Freshwater Beach - the chocolate flakes on the cappuccino were too good. Then we headed further North to Rohan's parent's place where we stayed overnight. Not before stopping by The Boathouse at Palm Beach for a late lunch of course! On the way back home the next day, we dropped by a friend's place to see her new home, and meet her new puppy. All in all, a great weekend away.

Photos by Rohan Peterson
Featuring the Mazda CX-3

*Created in collaboration with Mazda