I Never Expire - A Personal Post with SK-II


When SK-II approached me to work with them around their latest campaign, 'The Expiry Date' I saw it as a chance to share something a little more personal here on the blog. The film and campaign messaging speak to age-related pressures that women face, and it's certainly something I can relate to. We all face those times in our lives where we feel we should  have achieved things - particularly by a certain age. But really, everyone is so different, and what is right for me, may not be right for someone else.
In my case, it was  getting married when I was relatively young. I had just turned 24, and at the time of our wedding, we had been together for 7 years. Often people seem quite shocked when I tell them I've already been married for three years, but the timing was right and at 27 I'm firmly of the belief that age is just a number.  The one thing I wasn't prepared for though, was the questions that came almost immediately after the wedding - when are you starting a family?  Three years in and I'm quite comfortable explaining that, at the moment, my business is my baby - but it still lingers there in the background, that idea that you should  be doing things in a certain way, following a set timeline.

The truth is there is no right or wrong when it comes to decisions about your life, your career, your desires and your goals. And you should be free to make these without pressure or expectation. Comparison is no one's friend when it comes to living a happy and fulfilled life, so whenever I find myself going there, I try to remember the importance of focusing on my own journey and the decisions that are right for me. I hope you find this film and campaign inspiring - and please do feel free to share your stories and opinions below.

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*Created in collaboration with SK-II