Monday Mood: Avenue Montaigne


As an architect, I can only imagine it would be the dream to be given carte blanche by a client with a space like this. Such was the luck of architect Joseph Dirand who essentially got to design his dream apartment, just, well, for someone else.
I recently shared Dirand's home on the blog, and you can definitely see his aesthetic sensibility coming across here. With the client telling Dirand, ‘I want you to achieve your dream; that would be my dream,’ you can imagine the creative ideas that must have started flowing. Located in an incredible 19th-century Haussmannian building, this spectacular home is actually two apartments joined to be as one. While this luxe, minimalistic space presents more like a concept store than a home, I for one would jump at the chance to love somewhere as unique as this (and on the beautiful Avenue Montaigne!). 

Images via T Magazine