How To Host On A Budget


Small space? Small budget? No worries - we've got you covered!

Having lived in Sydney's Eastern suburbs for the past decade, I'm used to the space confides that come with living in your area of choice. Our new apartment may be a teeny bit bigger than our last, but mostly it's trial and error that has helped me work out how to be the best hostess I can be. When I  heard that Nespresso had launched the Essenza Mini, their new compact coffee machine, I knew it would be the perfect fit for my inner-city lifestyle. I'm constantly battling with bench space (this is so slim and usually lives right next to my kettle) and I'm a big coffee lover, so it had all the makings of a beautiful partnership! Apart from being high quality and visually sleek, I was also happy to discover the coffee capsules are recyclable. Better yet, they even include a pre-paid return satchel to make recycling even easier. When Nespresso approached me to host an intimate event at my place, I jumped at the chance to have a mini housewarming, invite some friends over for brunch, and show you how you can host in style, despite being pressed for space.

1. Keep it simple
It's easy to get carried away when planning an event, so I have always found it helps to make a quick to-do list, that you can tick off as you go. Spread your tasks out over the weeks or days leading up to the function so it's not too overwhelming, and look to where you can substitute to help reduce costs. In the case of this brunch, my husband and I were the baristas, using the Essenza Mini,  which made for a fun talking point, and a great cup of coffee for all our guests. The main highlight was being able to froth our own milk (cafe quality!) using the Aeroccino 3 milk frother which was the perfect finishing touch.

2. Attention to Quality
I have found it's the little things that guests always notice, like perfectly made coffee, unique crockery, beautifully styled blooms and a well-curated playlist. We picked this bunch of blooms up from our local, where we worked with the florist to put together a bunch that suited our colour palette and space. Alternatively, head to the flower market, pick up a few bunches and get creative! I also had a lot of fun sourcing the plates, mugs and glassware. We kept to a pretty tight budget with the majority of pieces, splurging a little on the Maison Balzac glasses and carafe.

3. Prioritise
I have always found that striking the right balance between budget and time management is key. In this instance, I knew I had a few big deadlines the day before, and only limited kitchen space to work with, so we decided to get catering for the event. After a quick google search, I was able to the perfect place, who delivered beautiful and affordable breakfast right on time for our friends to enjoy.

Photography by Ana Suntay-Tanedo

*Created in collaboration with Nespresso