Beauty Note: Soft Glow

Ever wondered how to achieve that perfect post-holiday glow? Our gorgeous model Sarah had exactly that on a recent shoot, so I had to ask makeup artists Kristin Brett to share!


To achieve perfect natural- glowy makeup, your most important step is skin-care. After I have made sure that skin is nice and clean, I like to soak a cotton pad in Nu-Skin Moisture Mist and gently tap it all over the face and really let the skin “drink”. After that I like to use couple of drops of Rose hip oil and massage it into a skin. If you feel like your skin is still a bit dry, use a tiny bit of your favourite moisturiser and massage it into your skin. After you have done all of that I like to use Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow primer on all the high points of the face like cheekbones, bridge and tip of the nose, cupids bow, chin and corners of the eye.

Bec & Bridge Dress | Sarina Suriano Earrings | F+H Necklace | Holly Ryan Cuff

Model | Sarah Halpin at Chic
Photography | Ana Suntay-Tanedo
Styling | Talisa Sutton
Makeup | Kristin Brett
Hair | Laura Spinney