Keeping Time: My Tips For Staying Organised With Cluse

I had such great response to my post on going freelance over a year ago, that I thought it was time to share some more tips, in partnership with Cluse. These aren’t necessarily just for the self-employed, but are based on my experience going from working full-time, to freelance, and to now, being the director of my own creative studio.

I consider myself very lucky to be surrounded by a network of creative women who are achieving success and pushing boundaries in their fields. It’s the best thing to have support from fellow entrepreneurs who are happy to give advice, and even occasionally just bounce around ideas. One thing I have noticed they all seem to have in common is an appreciation for organisation and perseverance. These traits are incredibly valuable when it comes to your career, but also just for life management in general. Let’s get organised!

1. Make a habit of being on time
When I first went freelance, I found myself suddenly always running behind when it came to meetings and appointments. Having been used to tightly scheduling things around office hours, my new found freedom meant I pretty much lost track of time. Invest in a stylish watch (like this La Bohème beauty by Cluse) so you can plan to get where you need to go at least five minutes early, and embrace your iCloud calendar - these two will be your new best friends! If you’re more of a traditionalist (I still use both) then also stay on track with a diary - An Organised Life and pocket Moleskins are my favourite. I’m very happy to say that I found my groove a few weeks in, and now I always make a point of being punctual.

2. Block out your wardrobe
How many times have you stood in front of your closet, struggling to pick an outfit? Aside from planning the night before, the one thing I have found to help enormously with reducing my out-the-door time is a wardrobe system. I have things ordered according to style, and then colour. It might seem a little involved, but it will save many a morning panic!

3. Map out your day
One of the biggest challenges I find on a daily basis is staying on top of emails. Alongside shooting, styling, designing, writing and managing my social media, it can be hard to find the perfect balance. A system I have found that works well is blocking out time for maximum efficiency. For example giving emails 100% of your attention for an hour block in the morning, and then again in the evening, rather than dividing your attention between multiple tasks throughout the day.

4. Have a system
When it comes to not so fun things like taxes, expenses and paperwork, it’s best to start off on the right foot. Take it from someone who has had to do a lot of backtracking (oops!), and be diligent about filing important documents, scanning receipts (the Scannable app is amazing) and keeping track of your budgets and expenses using an excel spreadsheet. Doing a little bit here and there is always better than letting 12 months of data pile up on you!

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