Style Resolutions for 2018

Our editor on what's making the cut for the year ahead.


Yep, I'm getting in early with this one! In my experience, it pays to be organised, and not leave those resolutions to the last minute. Usually, I like to go in with a classic (French lessons! Travel more! Exercise 3 times a week! Less Netflix!), but ultimately it's the smaller things that I'll end up actually sticking to, and that makes for a more fulfilling resolutions experience.

My style has been through a few different iterations this year - I had a lot of fun perfecting my take on resort dressing in the tropical Maldives, then experimented with prints and more feminine styles in Paris, before returning to my minimalist roots (with a new-found pop of colour) in New York. I know people say that style is inherent, and I'll always appreciate the classics, but oh how my style has evolved in the past decade. To enter into the new year, I'm taking notes from past lessons learnt, as well as looking forward (not quite in a Blade Runner way, but that could be cool?) to bring together a list of my fashion mantras as we near 2018. Party popper anyone?

1. Pick up the phone
My new favourite way of 'mood boarding' is definitely saved Instagram collections. Get tapping, and save a new board per season to keep you feeling inspired.

2. Know your colours
Out of all the things I tried this year, a little bit of colour is probably what I have loved most. The hardest thing has been working out what my no. 1 colour is, but I have this Michael Kors bag and Charlotte Tilbury lip tint to thank for officially calling it. I'm seeing red.

3. Be Tech Savvy
As technology improves, so to do our accessories. This year I added the Michael Kors Sofie smart watch to my collection, and it's staying firmly on my wrist. With interchangeable bands and a customisable face, you can have all the benefits of a smart watch (think reminders, messages, notifications and more) without having to compromise on style.

4. Invest in the basics
This one always rings true, because ultimately they are the pieces you wear time and time again . White shirts, well cut denim, a black blazer, crew neck tees and silk slips are all my favourites to splurge on, and in the new year I'll be focusing on adding some new staples to my collection.

5. Have fun!
It can be easy to get caught up in fashion and start to take things a little seriously... That's why I always remind myself that fashion should be fun, expressive and unique. After all, it's a representation of you! That means puff sleeves, chunky hardware, fuzzy teddy bear coats and the odd novelty bag are OK in my books.


- Wearing -
Michael Kors Sofie Smart Watch  | Michael Kors Collection Red Cate Bag |  Michael Kors Black Mini Clasp Bag

Photos by Rohan Peterson

    *Created in collaboration with Michael Kors