Colour Code: Black, Navy & Denim


When I was younger, I was always under the impression that black and navy together were an absolute no no. Now that I look back, it's funny to think I took some fashion rules so seriously - they are made to be broken after all...

Enter in the newest combination I have had on rotation: a black tee with black ankle boots, blue denim and a navy coat & scarf. It feels quite nice to be taking a break from all black, and I love the unexpected gold accent of these heeled booties! If you're thinking of trying out a new colour, or just want to shake things up, a bandana or neck tie is also a great way to test the waters.

P.S. This Double Trouble tee has become an instant wardrobe favourite - it's in collaboration with my friends' new minimalist destination, The Undone store.

- Wearing -
AYR Coat | Levis Jeans | Undone x Double Trouble Tee | Aana Janakis Earrings | Ray Ban Sunglasses | 66 The Label Scarf | Senso Boots

Photos by Ana Suntay-Tanedo