Living Room Update


A few weeks ago I posted a little peek of how my new living room is coming together over on Instagram. It's still quite a while away from being finished, but I thought it was time to share a few more of the details from the starting point of my new apartment...

Before we left for our big trip back in March, my husband & I sold or gave away most of our furniture, so for this place we were starting with almost a clean slate. The first priority was finding a sofa - something comfortable that also fit in with our new space and style. Initially I wasn't sure about getting another white sofa, our last one (a customised Ikea) worked so well with our coastal location and white floorboards. Our new place may not be by the beach, but we were very lucky to get a bit of a water view, and our first ever balcony, so we still wanted to have that eclectic California feeling mixed with a slightly more Scandi aesthetic. We ended up falling in love with this simple linen sofa by MCM House, their showroom makes everything look so good that we also found our coffee and side table there too. I love the marble with black contrast!

Once we had the furniture set up, Rohan and I agreed it was time to invest in a big Beni Ourain rug that would help tie the room together. I have a smaller one in the bedroom that I bought online, but with a rug of this size, we really wanted to see it in person first. We were lucky to find a local supplier who sources directly from Morocco and offered to let us try the rug in our space first. It made the biggest difference actually seeing it on the floor and mixed back with our furniture. We tried two different styles, but the above was the winner.

Two of my most-loved pieces that I held onto from Bondi were my Kara Rosenlund print and Douglas & Bec mirror. At the moment our lovely mirror is hanging out on the floor while we wait to have our wall hook replaced. Funnily enough I have grown used to have it there (makes for a good shoe mirror!), but it will be nice to have it hanging up again soon too. Our beautiful horse print used to live in the study, but I love that it's now that first thing you see when you walk in. I ummed and ahed about purchasing this print for a while, we had settled on our old apartment but knew it would still be a few months before we moved in. In the end, I'm so happy I made an early call, as this was the lucky last of the first edition print run, and one of those pieces that really makes a space feel like home.

Lastly, a few little accessories to make things feel complete. The leather book strap is a great way to keep our magazine editions together, and the tan leather fits perfectly back with our colour scheme. I also love a good brass accent, so this Ferm Living pot and candle by Cocolux are a great way to add a little something. Lastly are the agate coasters Rohan found on Future Perfect, and of course a selection of favourite coffee table books and magazines for those moments when you just need some sofa-based down time.

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Joe Linen Sofa | New York Coffee Table (in marble) | Comme Side Table | Kara Rosenlund Print | Douglas & Bec Mirror | Lightly Book Strap | Agate Coasters | Ferm Living Pot | Cocolux Candles