Paris Moments: Palais Royal


Oh Paris, you beauty.

One of the questions I often get asked is about my favourite travel destinations. My answer is always the same - it's hard to choose just one (it really is!), but my heart will always belong in Paris. Maybe it's because I got engaged there, so it will always have a romantic and whimsical quality that I can't quite recreate in any other city, but also Paris is just pure magic in itself. From the incredible architecture, to the strong sense of history, delicious baguettes, pastries and crepes, fresh blooms, shopping, art and that je ne sai quoi.

I'm working on a little Paris guide at the moment, for a quick trip that touches on a few of my favourite places in the city, but I really felt like the stunning Palais Royal deserved a post all to itself. On a nice clear day, I can think of nothing better than grabbing a coffee at Kitsuné, pulling up a chair in that beautiful little garden, and maybe popping in for a spot of shopping at Acne.

Can't wait to share more with you soon!

Photos by Rohan Peterson, collage & watercolours by me