Bedroom Inspiration: A Touch Of Greenery


It's been about 2 months since we moved into our new place, and now that we're renting, I'm constantly on the lookout for small accents and accessories to update the look of our home. Our first update for the bedroom was to invest in a new Queen sized bed frame with underneath storage - a practical solution for a smaller space that gives me somewhere to hide linens, books and extra shoes. Next up a was a little Beni Ourain rug for the end of the bed, and a lovely Safari chair from MCM House. It's all starting to come together, but before I share a little look, I realised it was missing one thing - greenery!
There are pot plants, flowers and succulents throughout the apartment, but somehow my almost green thumb (all the plants are thriving in our new place, it's a first!) had missed the bedroom. I'm on a mission this next week to a find a perfect plant stand, a new pot and maybe a little tiny plant for my bedside table. Once I have my new linens and cushions in order along with a touch of plant life, I'll be sharing a first look at my new bedroom. In the meantime, I hope these references inspire you as much as they did me!

Images via Pinterest