My Five Minute Routine: Natural Glow


I'm a big collector of beauty products, call it my love of packaging and pretty, shiny things, but at the end of the day, I still like to keep my routine pretty simple.

After touching a little on beauty at a recent workshop, I realised it's about time I started sharing a few of my favourite products and techniques, after all beauty is such a natural extension of fashion, and ever-present in my day to day life.

This look is my take on a soft bronzed finish, perfect for when you're trying to hold onto the remnants of your summer tan (me right now), or heading into the warmer months and want a slight natural glow.

I'm a big believer in starting with a good base, so I make sure to moisturise first to allow products to blend nicely onto my skin. Two of my favourites are Crème de la Mer and Ultraceuticals Ultra Moisturiser Cream. Next up is to lightly conceal any spots or dark circles with RMS Un Coverup which blends seamlessly into your skin and isn't drying or cake-y. Following this, I use LB Cream by The Base which is a great, light alternative to foundation for day. This one also has SPF for added sun protection.

Once you have your base covered, it's time to get started on that glow. I have a few favourite bronzers, but here I have opted for the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick for the varying shades which work really well in this situation. Lightly dust over the darker half of the brick, sweeping your brush just along the bottom of your cheekbones. Follow with a dusting of the lighter, highlighting shades just along the top and up towards your temples for a beautiful bronzed finish.

I have also come back around recently to eyeshadow... Gone are the days of a brightly covered full lid (I blame you Sabrina's Secrets magazine). Now it's all about a subtle, tonal lift for me when it comes to a daytime eye. I discovered this Charlotte Tilbury palette a few months ago and haven't looked back! I use the lightest colour on the insides of my eye, blending out with the two medium tones across my lid (darkest shade at the bottom), then if I want a bit of extra sparkle, I apply a quick brush of the heavier, glitter pigment just underneath the outer corners of my eyes. 

Now the easy part - a quick coat of mascara, brushing up my brows with this great pencil, and finally a slick of this very versatile nude Charlotte Tilbury lipstick (this formula is nourishing and UV protective which is a bonus). Now all you need is a bit of bling and a beautiful summery fragrance to fool everyone into thinking you have just come back from an Island holiday... Oh, and I swear this does only take me 5 minutes!

- Products -
LB Cream by The Base RMS Un Coverup | Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick | Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow | Bobbi Brown Eye Pencil | Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick | Byredo Candle

- Wearing -
Anna Quan Knit | Levis Jeans | Holly Ryan Earrings

Photos by Rohan Peterson