Notes from the weekend


A few weeks ago in between Sydney Fashion Week and a whirlwind trip to HK, my husband and I moved into a new place. We haven't gone to far, moving from beachy Bondi to Elizabeth Bay and finally settling on Potts Point (just around the corner!) which has always been one of my favourite areas in Sydney.

One of the most exciting things about this move has been starting fresh when it comes to furniture. Before our three month trip to Europe and the US earlier this year, we sold or gave away most of the pieces we had collected over the past few years. I'm very slowly working on furnishing our new place, and I can't wait to start collecting bits and pieces on my travels to make it really feel like home.

The first to arrive were our new linen sofa and coffee table, you'll be hard pressed to find me elsewhere for the next few weekends! It's nice to have a new home for my collection of coffee table books, and buying fresh flowers has been a ritual I have really missed over the past few months. I'm currently on the lookout for some new vases and pots for my other greenery and a collection of trays for storing candles, coasters, trinkets and to help de-clutter my desk.

Of course a quiet weekend at home wouldn't be complete without coffee and pastries from my local  (I love Fratelli - pain au chocolat or a plain croissant for me, and a custard filled doughnut for Rohan) and some luxe pjs. I have been wearing this simple silk set from Ginia, and when it's time to pop out for the coffee run, I just throw on a pair of jeans. That's my kind of weekend wardrobe...

- Wearing -
Ginia Pyjamas | Neuw Denim Jeans | Petite Grand Necklace

- Details -
MCM House Coffee Table | Chloé: Attitudes Book | Byredo Candle

- Reading -
Porter Magazine | The Story Of A New Name | Luckiest Girl Alive | Unconditional Magaizne

Photos by Rohan Peterson