Portugal Road Trip: Lagos


Don't let those cloudy skies fool you... Lagos was every bit the dreamboat I was expecting.

With a beautiful old town centre, deliscous seafood and those stunning beaches, it was an excellent place for a two day stopover. One of the highlights was definitely Praia do Camilo, an incredible tiny beach which can be accessed via 200 wooden stairs. It's well worth the trip down there (and the climb back up afterwards) for that beautiful clear water and the stunning cave formations. You can also choose to see the beach by boat which seemed like a popular choice, but I personally love to explore on foot - and treat myself to a dip afterwards.

Despite the changing skies, it was still quite a warm day, and it's definitely put me in the mood for summer back home. I wore this bikini by Marysia Swim throughout my trip, and now I have my eye on something a little more colourful - a bit different for me, but Europe will do that to you! A few of my other swim favourites are Solid & Striped, Matteau and Lisa Marie Fernandez

Photos by Rohan Myles Peterson