Golden Hour


Checking into our B&B in Genoa was nothing short of amazing. With the soft afternoon light hitting the balcony, and the wash of colours made up of beautiful, historic buildings, it felt like we had stepped back in time. Cityscapes aside, it also got me thinking about how there is also a touch of nostalgia to a few of the pieces I have been loving lately. There is a definite feel of vintage style meets contemporary coming through in my wardrobe, from gingham to ruffles, and even a few floral prints. While these may remind me of my youth, I love the fresh and modern interpretations being lent to classic designs.
This brings me to the latest collection by CLUSE, La Vedette, which sees the petite and feminine vintage watch re-imagined. Referencing style icons Jane Birkin and Bridgette Bardot, this new & delicate style is a tribute to timeless sophistication, elegance and a feeling of true confidence. A timepiece, white shirt, a great pair of jeans, a leather jacker, a well-tailored blazer and a black pump are all key pieces in my wardrobe which make me feel more confident and empowered.

- Wearing -
CLUSE watch (coming soon), H&M Shirt, Levis Jeans

Shot on location at La Superba, Genoa, Italy. Photos by Rohan Peterson

*Advertorial post brought to you by Cluse