Wardobe Foundations: Denim & Knits Part II

My favourite weekend look, part II.

I have had these Acne Needle jeans for a few years now, they're a great slim leg with a high rise in a classic raw denim, and after a few seasons wear they are super comfortable now too.

I love to rework outfits and make those basic pieces in my wardrobe a key part of my weekend look. So for this winter, it's been old jeans + new knits, two combinations that are classic but also slightly updated for the season. In this case it's the Viktoria + Woods Cable Knit and the monochrome Mode Collective flats which make this look feel fresh. Add to that my trust navy Celine Trio and it's a great balance of old meets new.

Wearing Viktoria + Woods Cable Knit, Acne Needle Jeans (similar here), Celine Bag, The Mode Collective Flats, Sarah & Sebastian Cross Ring and Half Moon Ring, Catbird Opal Ring and Threadbare Ring.

Photos by Ana Suntay-Tanedo