Badlands Baking: Raw Chocolate Pudding

Sweet Treat

A healthy take on one of my childhood favourites

As the weather gets cooler and I find myself spending more nights in, there is no excuse not to get creative in the kitchen! I'm pushing myself to try a few new recipes at the moment, with a focus on creating my own healthier versions of a few favourite sweet treats.

Before I started eliminating refined sugar from my diet two years ago, I used to have a soft spot for chocolate mousse - the naughty kind covered in extra chocolate flakes and served chilled in a tall glass. I have tried out a few healthy chocolate mousse/pudding recipes with mixed results, but I have to say, this time I think I have found a winner!

This recipe is by Oh She Glows which includes the raw chocolate pudding (with a base of banana and avocado - super tasty which creates a perfect texture), coconut whipped cream and a raspberry chia jam. Swirl the toppings together on top of the set puddings and then finish with a little bit of pomegranate and toasted hazelnuts. Yum!


Photos by Rohan Myles Peterson, Styling be me.