How To Organise Your Desk

A productive weekend meant my desk has been relatively organised this week - something that helps me ease into Monday and make the most of the working week ahead. It's quite amazing what an extra half hour of organisation on a Sunday afternoon can do for the rest of your week. These are a few of my tips to help manage your workspace.

Remove everything from your desk and give it a wipe down, as you are putting everything back, give anything that needs it a quick dusting. A clean work space does wonders for me, and it gives you a fresh start for the week ahead.

I keep all my pens and brushes together in separate glass jars/old candle holders. I also have a box for stationary and sewing supplies that I keep in my draws so I know everything is one place. Over the course of the week things do tend to mix up a little bit, so I use this opportunity to put everything back in its place.

Fresh flowers and a scented candle can instantly lift a space. I head to the markets every weekend to pick up a fresh bunch for my desk.

I create a weekly to-do list every Sunday touching on the most important goals for me to accomplish during that week. It helps me to have everything written out in my diary so I can prioritse tasks each day.

I like to keep all my receipts together in a folder, and then I use an Ikea letter tray to separate all my other paper documents. I find it helpful to put things requiring urgent attention (eg. bills) at the top, and then archive from there down. I also leave one tray free for go-to stationary including letterheads, spare business cards, envelopes and washi tape.

Clockwise from top right: Badlands Studio Dot Print and Oui Oui Print, Country Road Frame, NARS Acapulco Candle, An Organised Life Diary, Luci Kaas Sparrow, Le Labo Fragrance, Diptyque Candle, Kikki K Pin Board.