How To Edit Your Wardrobe

My favourites

You can never have too many black heels - I love these styles by Aquazzura and Givenchy.

In preparation for my stall at The Winery Markets next weekend (come say hi if you're in Surry Hills on Saturday), I'm going through my wardrobe and editing it down to my must-have essentials and a few seasonal favourites.

Editing is never easy, but over the past few years I have developed a system that works the most efficiently for me.

1. Empty all draws and cupboards, give everything a wipe down.

2. Remove all your hanging clothing and leave on a flat surface (I usually use my bed).

3. Go through every piece one by one and assess. If it's something I have worn in the last month and I know I love it, I put it straight back in the wardrobe.

4. Make three separate piles. One, items to donates; Two, items to be sold; Three, a maybe pile - things you feel you still want to hold onto but you haven't worn recently.

5. Pack up your donate and sell piles in separate bags. I like to drop my donations off straight away so items don't get mixed up. Sort out your selling strategy - will you be ebaying or planning to sell at a market?

6. Have a look at your maybe pile and work out why you haven't worn these items lately. If it's to do with the season (eg. a pair of shorts you feel strongly you will wear again come summer), put them back in your closet or storage for now. If it's because something doesn't fit properly, think about whether or not altering will make a big difference. Often this becomes an excuse for me to let items sit in my closet, I either keep these in my maybe pile or take them straight to a dressmaker to make the necessary adjustments. Box up the rest of your maybe items and store them somewhere out of sight for the next two-three weeks.

7. In a few weeks time, if you don't miss anything from your maybe pile, it's time to let go. I add these pieces straight to my sell pile just in time for my next market stall.

Now you're well on your way to the edited wardrobe of your dreams!
Would love to hear if you have any more tips below.

Pictured: Celine trio, Lover Ivory Cable Knit Sweater, Rag & Bone Fedora, Aquazzura heels (similar here), Givenchy Mules, Karen Millen Suede Clutch, Equipment Black Envelope Clutch, NARS candle and Balenciaga B Eau de Parfum.