Career Talk


While there is quite a big crossover between being working in a creative field and being a fashion & lifestyle blogger, I don't often talk about my career here. It's one of the most frequent topics I get emails about so I thought it was finally time to answer a few of your questions on the blog! It comes at an interesting time for me as I'm making the transition from full-time Graphic Designer to Digital Content Manager, an exciting opportunity that I'm looking forward to getting stuck in to. Below is a list of my most frequently asked questions over the years, I hope this advice can help some of you when it comes to achieving your creative dreams.

Where and what did you study?
I started with a Cert IV in Fashion Business at FBI Fashion College followed by a Diploma of Graphic Design and Communication at Enmore Design Centre. I then did two years of a BFA at the College of Fine Arts majoring in Painting & Drawing.

Did you intern?
Yes! At a magazine, with a fashion stylist and at two designer labels. These were all amazing opportunities for me to get a feel for the type of work involved in different disciplines/departments and in a few cases led to paid work. Interning should be an enjoyable experience, I was always happy to get coffees and take lunch orders but it's important that you're getting something out of it too. It's also a great way to make some amazing contacts and if you're lucky like me, lasting friendships too.

What's your advice for getting started in magazines?
Interning is usually the best way to get your foot in the door. Don't be afraid to be persistent, following up with an application shows you are committed and enthusiastic (keep this to a maximum of two times). When an opening comes up in a department you're interested in, jump on it! People will always notice hard work and dedication so my main piece of advice is to do your best, go above and beyond and make yourself memorable for when the next job opportunity happens to come up.

What are your tips for starting a successful blog?
When I started this blog in 2010 (5 years ago, crazy!), success didn't really feel like part of the equation. Blogging was still a relatively new online platform and not something I would have thought of as being a business. A lot has changed since then and I still can't believe some of the amazing opportunities that have come my way, but ultimately I think being able to navigate the online world so early on helped me develop this space organically. Finding your niche and staying true to your personal style is what will set your blog apart. It's easy to compare what you're doing to others, but remember, people will be reading your blog because they like your voice and personality, so stay true to you!