How to Create the Perfect Bedroom with Sleepmaker

A good nights sleep is probably the most important part of my beauty routine. While I often can't get as much as I would like (8 hours every night would be a dream!), creating the perfect environment for a restful sleep can help you make those most out of the time you do have.

These are a few of my tips for creating the perfect bedroom and getting a good nights sleep.

1. Create a routine.
Even if you know your sleep time might be limited, trying to stick to the same timing for both going to bed and waking up will help set your body clock to a regular schedule.
Consistency is key.

2. Wind down
I know it's not always easy, but limiting the technology you use in the hour (or even half hour) before sleep can help prepare your body for rest. I always try and a read a little before bed if I can, and on the weekend a cup of chamomile tea and a face mask is a favourite evening wind down.

3. Lights out
Even the smallest amount of light can disturb a good nights sleep. I suggest a black our blind if you need one, or if you're lucky enough to look into a garden like we do, linen curtains work perfectly and will also allow you to wake up naturally with the morning sun.

4. Find the perfect mattress
Finding the right mattress completely changed my sleep experience. If you're not sure what you should be looking for, the Sleepmaker Comfort Selector can help point you in the right direction. My preference is memory foam which contours to your body shape and offers great support if you're prone to occasional back and neck pain.

5. Dress your bed
There is nothing like a beautiful looking bed arrangement and luxuriously soft linens to convince you to dedicate a little more time to your sleep routine. I like a memory foam pillow like the Sleepmaker Serenity Comfort pillow, linen or cotton bed sheets and comforter, a sheepskin or cashmere throw for the end of the bed and a selection of throw pillows which I like to mix up every now and then to keep things fresh.

6. The finishing touches
Keep a selection of good books close by, a reading lamp, a favourite candle and anything else that makes your space feel comfortable, relaxing and inspiring. My picks are always a small vase of fresh flowers and a little piece of artwork on my bedside table.

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