This week, my husband and I have being staying in a friend's apartment by the ocean, taking some time out to relax, go for a swim, catch up with friends and reflect on the year that was.

Last year was filled with changes - we finished renovating our first apartment, and later decided to sell it. I left the security of my full-time job to pursue freelance life, dedicating more time to my own creative projects and this blog. I went to LA and then New York Fashion Week for the first time, and really fell in love with both cities. It was a big year! Looking back on everything made me realise just how much can happen in 12 months, and I'm so happy with where this journey has taken me. For 2016 I didn't want to put too much pressure on myself when it comes to resolutions, by rather I'm thinking of these as little goals to keep in mind and focus on over the course of the year. Ok New Year, I'm ready for you!

Do what you love

For me, this means working on more of my own projects, taking the occasional afternoon off to visit a gallery and get inspired, and also seeing more of the world. I'm hoping to do a bit more travelling this year, and there are so places I can't wait to explore.

Live in the moment

Take time to enjoy your surroundings, and really be present in the moment. This means occasionally separating myself from my phone (and other distractions, like email!), going for more walks and having the occasional Instagram-free weekend with my partner.

Focus on your health

This year, I want to start waking up earlier and start most weekdays with either a walk or a barre/pilates/yoga class. I always feel so motivated after a workout, and it gives me so much energy throughout the day. I also want to drink more water (and less coffee) and focus on the work/life balance. The goal is no screens after 10pm!

Be grateful

I know that mindfullness might seem a bit cliche, but this year I really want to remind myself to have perspective when it comes to situations that may seem tough or difficult in my life, and realise how much there is to be grateful for. My health, my family, my friends, my job. There are so many positives and too often I think these get forgotten amongst the day to day stresses of life.

Keep it simple

With most of my belongings boxed up in storage over the last few months, I have realised how little I really need. My wardrobe has become much more of a uniform, and I have loved the process of simplifying down to my essentials like a great pair of jeans, a button down shirt and the perfect pair of white sneakers.

Wearing Paddo to Palmy on location at Palm Beach Tower.
Photos by Andy Singer.