Why You Should Give The Five Piece Challenge A Try

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

I've been meaning to post a full rundown of how my first season of the five piece challenge went, and here it is! I have to say, while I wasn't completely successful, I also managed to surprise myself by not going too far over my designated pieces for the season. I'll admit that sometime being a blogger can lead to pretty great perks, and I was lucky to have two items, very similar to those on my list, make their way to me. That aside, it's been a great lesson in editing and making considered purchases. I have put together a list below of what ended up making its way into my wardrobe, but firstly, here are a few reasons why you should give this method a try for yourself...

1. It helps you avoid impulse purchases
I don't tend to do this too often, but the temptation is never that far away. I found keeping a copy of my list pinned to my desktop was a great way to constantly remind myself to stick to it and think all potential purchases through.

2. It will allow you to identify gaps in your wardrobe
You might remember when, after a few weeks of consideration, I made a revised list for the season. Having this time to contemplate and really work with what I had meant I was able to identify exactly what was missing and change the list to suit.

3. It will motivate you to declutter, and stay organised
Knowing that you can only add those five hangers to your wardrobe was great incentive for me to refine and edit what I had already. It almost becomes a bit strategic - I liked to make separate piles of seasonally relevant garments I hadn't worn in the last three months, If I didn't find myself reaching for them over the next few weeks, it was time to part ways. Further to this I spoke to a few friends who took things one step further - as well as trying the five piece challenge, they allow only 40 hangers in their wardrobe at any one time. If something new comes in, something else has to go!

So, are you thinking of giving it a try? Let me know how you go! Here is an update on my most recent list from last season:

The winter coat / the jacket shirt: After finding a beautiful winter coat, I began looking for a navy blazer. This double breasted style which became a staple during NZFW fitted into my closet perfectly. Thank you Kate!

The wrap skirt: I didn't commit to the JW Anderson, but I did end up with a pair of a slim, cropped black trousers from COS and was just a little excited when this SIR the Label wrap skirt showed up in the mail! 

The cashmere knit / the stripe shirt: I invested in this stripe shirt from Bassike, it was my second purchase for the season and I have worn it multiple times since. This cashmere turtleneck from my collaboration with Lee Mathews also ended up being the perfect solution to the winter chill.

The black pump / the fancy flat: I jumped on the Aquazzura flats when I found them in my size on Matches. They fit like a dream and are incredibly comfortable, was happy I made the leap! I also picked up a simple stacked suede heel from Madewell while I was in NY. I wanted an evening shoe that was both stylish and practical, these were even comfortable enough for the New York cobblestones!

The investment bag: I managed to track down a Mansur Gavriel bucket bag a few weeks before my trip and decided to commit. I wasn't quite expecting to come across the last black baby Chloe Faye in LA, but I'm happy I did. Technically this one will count towards next season, but not including it felt a little like cheating...Excited to see how it goes over the next few months!

*For more on the Five Piece Challenge, see my original post here and this post by After Drk which helped me get started. You can also find some of my tips for editing your wardrobe, here.

Photos by me.