I went to New York.... And Everything I bought Was Black


I promised myself that my recent trip to LA and NYC was going to be a non-shopping trip, that was until I walked into the Chloe boutique in Melrose Place... I'm not sure whether it's that adrenaline rush you get while you're away, or the fact that technically (even though it was 34 degrees in LA at the time), it was the start of Fall which meant that my five piece challenge for the season was over and it was time to start from scratch again (update on how I went coming soon!). Either way, I ended up the very happy owner of a Chloe Faye bag even if does mean avoiding my bank balance for a while.

By the time I got to New York I wasn't really looking to shop at all, aside from the compulsory window shopping trip to Barney's, I tried to avoid going into too many boutiques. But it is New York, and I was on holiday, so here's what ended up coming home with me. And yes, it's all black...

& Other Stories Black Tee and Skirt
Given that this is now the only member of the H&M family we can't access in Australia, I really wanted to check out the store. The packaging on all their beauty products and stationary is perfect, and of course the clothes were pretty great too. It was their t-shirts that also became a fast favourite of mine. I got two of these classic black crew necks, they're one of the nicer cuts and fabrications I have found and will be a go-to basic for summer. The fitted jersey skirt also fell into my basics category - something I have been searching for over the past few months that will go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe.

Nike Roshe Run
I only took one pair of sneakers with me on this trip, and by day two in New York I realised that between the heat and the cobblestones, they were all I wanted to be wearing. This is one of my favourite style of sneakers, so I jumped on the all black version when my husband found them at Nike Town.

ATP Atelier Sandals
Another footwear must as I had no sandals and it was just too hot! I found these in The Apartment by The Line, they were enough to console me on the fact that I couldn't move in/take all the homewares back with me.

Wearing & Other Stories T-shirt and Skirt, Nike Sneakers and ALILA Bag

Photos by Ana Suntay-Tanedo