Wholegrain Mornings


One thing I have been really enjoying lately is getting up 15 minutes earlier on a weekday to prepare a special breakfast. It's always been a ritual of mine and my husbands to make coffee at home and sit down for breakfast while watching the morning news.

It's not always easy to make something as fancy as pancakes when you need to get to the office on time, but on a Monday I love using pancake batter left over from the day before to quickly whip them up, or anything involves soaking overnight which also makes for easy preparation the following morning.

I found Megan Gordon's book, Wholegrain Mornings, a few months ago and have been loving trying out some new recipes. Oatmeal is a favourite of mine, as are pancakes and making my own granola but there are also breakfast cookies (breakfast cookies!) which I make with a little bit of rice malt syrup or coconut nectar instead of maple syrup, and they are delicious.

Would love to hear some of your favourite healthy breakfast recipes.

1 & 4. Photos by me of Wholegrain Mornings
2. In the kitchen via my instagram
3. Brown rice, flaxseed and maca porridge with banana and blueberries and a sprinkle of The Seventh Duchess coconut sugar
4. Blueberry & almond butter buckwheat pancake stack sprinkled with cacao nibs