Mimco x Badlands


One of my classic wardrobe essentials is always a perfect gold or rose gold chain, a simple bangle and fine rings for stacking. Mimco's new Fine Costume jewellery collection checks off all my favourites (with a touch of turquoise!) and I'm very excited to have collaborated with them them for the launch of these perfectly minimal and dainty pieces.

1. Monumenta Ring Duo, Big Bang Wrist, Big Bang Mid Neck
2. Monumenta Ring Duo, Big Bang Mid Neck, Bec & Bridge dress
3. Studded Pouch and Mini Pouch, Big Bang Wrist
4. Hitch Cable Scarf, Mini Duo Hip, Eclipse Bangle
5. Mini Origami Envelope, Monumenta Open Bangle, Eclipse Bangle, Big Bang Wrist
6. Monumenta Open Bangle, Melrose 75 Pump, Acne trousers (similar here)

Flowers by MyFlowerMan
Photos by Rohan Myles Peterson