The T-Shirt


Introducing my new favourite t-shirt...

At the top of my list for a perfect wardrobe is always a great pair of jeans and that perfectly cut, soft cotton tee. When I was introduced to Assembly label's debut Femme collection I immediately fell for the easy, casual aesthetic - every piece feels as though it will seamlessly integrate into your closet. I can't wait to share a few of my favourite pieces with you in the leadup to the September launch.

First up is the Anyway cotton blend T-Shirt which comes in white, black and grey. I have been wearing mine most days with these jeans and that knit to keep toasty in the office.

Oh and I picked up a dreamy new Icelandic Sheepskin from Black Sheep (White Light), mine is white with one little brown spot which I can't wait to have in our new place. The good news is you can also now buy these in Australia from In Bed store.

Photos by Rohan Peterson