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Two months ago I shot with the lovely Chantell who took a few snaps of me getting ready in my new bedroom. Rohan and I had only moved into our place a few weeks earlier and had just put up our wall shelf and finished painting our new draws. It's my first time having an open wardrobe and thought it would be fun to share a little how-to for those of you considering something similar.
The space looks slightly different now and it's still an ongoing process, if anything having an open wardrobe has taught me that organisation is key. You can't afford to hold on to items you don't wear and you need to minimize clutter as much as possible. I'll be doing another closet clearout over the summer holidays and hopefully tracking my progress (including the rest of our bedroom and entryway which are almost done!) on the blog.

In the meantime here are a few of my organisational tips-

1. Co-ordinate your hangers
Matching hangers will make your closet look more streamlined. Opt for a thin style (such as the black flocked hangers in my photos) that will allow you to fit more in a small space and grip garments well or, if you are great at editing your racks, look for chic wooden or metal hangers.

2. Storage solutions
For folded items, you'll need a chest of draws of dresser. We customised this Ikea unit to work with our colour scheme using white paint and brass handles from Schoolhouse Electric. If, like us, you find you still need more space for folded items or accessories, woven baskets (More baskets here and here) and an open shelf can work wonders. We had a piece of wood cut from our local hardware store and then mounted it using brackets from Ikea which we painted to match our walls. I like to keep my chunky knits folded on top and then smaller items in the baskets. At the moment, It's mostly my winter layering pieces and pajamas which I won't need for a few months so the system is working well.

For shoes, consider holding onto boxes and marking them with either a label or polaroid photo so you know what's inside., alternatively investing in some clear shoe storage boxes is a great idea too. I like to keep my most used pairs out and lined up beneath my rack.

3. The final touches
I like to keep my perfume and jewellery out on display, it makes thing easy to get to and prevents anything getting lost or tangled. This wooden drawing figure from my uni days makes it easy to keep bracelets and necklaces organised. I also love these Hay Kaleido trays for my perfume, nail polishes, smaller rings and earrings. Two other favourites to have on top of my dresser are fresh flowers and scented candles. Also, don't forget a full length mirror - it makes coordinating outfits a lot easier, and with the right positioning, it can give the illusion of a bigger space too.

Photos by Bianchi Photography
Wearing Bassike shirt, Scanlan & Theodore Scuba Crop Tank,, Eluxe skirt, RMK sandals
and Lack of Color hat.

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