My first photoshoot with the lovely Nicole Cooper.

I have also updated my website with other styling work.

Styling & Art Direction - Talisa Sutton | Photography - Nicole Cooper 
Typographic Design - Rohan Peterson | Model - Giorgia Mack from Priscillas

1 & 2. Acne coat, jeans and loafers, Sherie Muijs shirt.
4. Acne Dress, Celine sunglasses, Dieppa Restrepo loafers and Cuval bag from Mychameleon.
5 & 6. A.P.C sweater, Acne trousers, Dieppa Restrepo loafers from Mychameleon, Celine bag.
7 - 9. Carven shirt, Dress Up culottes (worn back-to-front), Uniform Wares watch, Celine bag.
10. A.P.C parka and playsuit, Benah bag from Mychameleon.
11 - 13. A.P.C playsuit, Celine sunglasses. 
14 - 16. Sherie Muijs shirt, Dress Up culottes, Dieppa Restrepo loafers and Cuval bag from Mychameleon,
Yves Saint Laurent ring, BRVTVS bracelet, Uniform Wares watch.
18 - 21. Christopher Esber sweater and Benah bag from from Mychameleon,
Isabel Marant trousers, Acne loafers.