I just started my Bachelor of Fine Arts this week and am having the best time looking through course options and picking all my future electives. I remembered reading in The Gentlewoman about Gaia Repossi and her BFA majors, archaeology and anthropology and wishing I could do something like that. It's exciting to be able to study other subject areas and take up some very specific electives after three years of set timetables studying fashion business and graphic design.
While I was in Paris I came across the Repossi store in Place Vendôme and stood transfixed admiring those Berbère Rings in the window. Rohan wasn't familiar with Repossi and I had to tell him how she not only designs amazing jewellery and gives a great interview but also has the most incredible wardrobe. I think these photos from The Coveteur say it all. 

All photos from The Coveteur