what i think about when i think about paris

My friend Hannah recently returned from a lovely summer holiday in France. I have been counting down until my holiday (6 months away!) and love hearing friends experiences whilst overseas. Hannah ate at some amazing looking places (you can have a look on her blog) and picked up a few little goodies (remember my obsession with delicate jewellery?). 
I was lucky enough to have her bring me back this knitted cotton/linen sweater from COS. I am a regular visitor of their website even though it's impossible to get outside of Europe. You can imagine how happy I was to hear they still had this guy and that it was 50% off! 
I have been making a little list of eateries I must visit in Paris. Rose Bakery is the top of the list, I have had their cookbook for six years now and I can't wait to try their famous carrot cake!! There are a few others I have bookmarked in my Time Out Paris guide but I have also been enjoying the travel photos on thank you, ok and miss little lime's Paris guide.

p.s. Thanks Han for the salted caramel chocolate - my own little piece of Paris!

1. Rose Bakery from thank you, ok, 2 & 3. Rose Bakery recipe book photographed by me, 4 & 5. Paris guide by miss little mime, 6 & 7. COS AW11/12 lookbook,  8. COS sweater, 9. French salted caramel chocolate both photographed by me.