Yesterday Hannah and I popped in to the corner shop's free tea salon. It was fun to sit around with a few people I haven't seen in a while, share some biscuits and drink a few cups of tea (Chinese chai!). I couldn't resist having a peep at the new Isabel marant jewellery either, there were some simple pendants,  lot of feathers and some little tusks but what I loved most of all were the bracelets and necklaces adorned with the little puffball from last season. Rohan got me the pink beaded bracelet for Valentine's day this year and I thought it was such a nice match with the mottled blue/grey beaded one that I just couldn't resist! 
I'm also in love with this double heart bracelet by Sydney label Petite Grand. I like the images of designer Tanja Kovacevic in her Elizabeth Bay home studio, she hand-makes all the delightfully simple and delicate pieces and I just love how she has arranged the jewellery with homewares. 
This piece in particular reminds me a little of my Lyie Van Ryke heart bracelet. A friend got this for me in Paris for my 16th birthday and I haven't taken it off since. I have a soft spot for little silver hearts...

Also the latest page from my sketchbook, perfume wishlist!

1. My new IM bracelets, 2. My perfume Illustration, 3. A photo of my jewellery draw, 4. Tanja Kovacevic in her studio, 5. Petite Grand bracelet, 6 &7. Tanja Kovacevic's home studio.  (Petitie Grand photos by Rachel Kara)